Full Tablet Support is Here!

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iOS & iPad Development

As many of you know Strong Foundation is on a steadfast journey to deliver a world-changing experience. Our aspirations here are extremely high, and we aim to deliver on those goals. We mentioned a few backs that we wanted to build on the fundamental ideas around social media and build SF out to be a social health & wellness platform. In order to provide the best experience to everyone on the platform, we had laid out a rough timeline of changes that must take place to get us there responsibly.

The first milestone we hit that for the most part, many users didn’t experience was the hardening of our backend systems. We invested a lot of effort refactoring and re-writing our backend services to increase security and resiliency to make sure we can be up as much as possible for all our users.

And now we have crossed a second large milestone for SF. A couple of weeks ago we release tablet support for our Android users, and subsequently early this morning we got the approval from Apple, and we released full iPad support. While SF was originally designed and envisioned to be a mobile-only platform, this didn’t fit our model of inclusiveness. So we made a modest investment in trying to understand how tablet users would use the platform, and then re-design our experiences to fit that need. While the re-designs in some areas are not perfect, we wanted to get it out to the community as quickly and effectively as possible, with the promise of continuous improvements for all platforms to build the best experience for the entire community.

With the two biggest milestones completed it’s time we go back to the drawing board to determine what we tackle next to bring the best experience forward. Stay tuned, and stay fit, as Strong Foundation continues to build and become better.

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