Service Packages

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What I can offer you

As a full-stack software developer, I offer a wide range of software development services. All of my packages are based on an hourly rate with the exception of the Enterprise level package. Let’s talk to figure out what each other needs are in order to be successful. All of my packages with the exception of the Service package require a non-refundable security deposit of $100 or 10% of the estimate (the greater of the two options).

  • Mobile Applications (Android/iOS)
  • Desktop Applications (Windows, Linux, macOS)
  • Web apps
  • Database services
  • Environment/resource management

All of my work is backed by a 3-month warranty. Where I will offer full bug support for any project I delivered to you*

*It is up to my discretion as to what constitutes itself as a bug or by system design.

Looking to get a project idea formulated, and get a rough idea of how it would look/work, and need less than 10hrs of development time, this is the deal for you
If you want to get a project off the ground, and vet out the feasibility, or show a little tech demo, this is that sweet spot for you. >= 10 && < 40 hours of work
1 hours of extended service (for every 10hrs worked)
Now you're serious about your project and you want to get this party started. For projects between 40-120hrs
4+ hours of extended service (for every 15hrs worked after 40)
Talk to me
Got a big idea, and you need a lot of horse power to get it done. Recommended for projects that'll take 120+ hours
12+ hours of extended service
Serverice and Maintenance
A plan just to service and maintain your project(s)
Resource management
SSL Cert renewal
Cloud resource management
Domain management
Environment setup and deployment

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