Strong Foundation: Be a Better Version of You

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Building a stronger healthier you, starting at the foundation.

Strong Foundation Promo Video

For over a year I’ve been working on an app to help me live a healthier lifestyle. The original plan was for it to supplement my Samsung watch’s app, but it quickly grew to be so much more.

Strong Foundation grew to become an app to encompass pseudo everything needed to live and lead a healthy lifestyle. It helps you build define your dietary needs, and meet your weight goals in a strategic manner to help keep the weight off. Need work-out suggestions? SF can automatically build your workouts, or you can have a friend send you one. Need a moment to just digest the day? SF offers a place for meditation and journaling your thoughts. While still incomplete in some areas, I’ve never been more excited to see where an idea can go. I originally had only planned to release SF for Android only, but I got immersive support to release it for iOS. Both platforms have full feature parity and will always be as such going forward.

Thank you to everyone that helped test SF, those who provided feedback, and just let me know they downloaded the app. We still have a lot left to do to get SF where it is we want to be. Stay strong!

SF on the Google Play Store
SF on the Google Play Store
SF on the Apple App Store
SF on the Apple App Store

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